Traditional Casino Or Online Casino

Comparative: Traditional Casino Or Online Casino?

Until the 1990s, when online casinos were still just a utopia, most of the casino players were made up of people who lived in locations close to traditional gambling halls, plus a minority of “gaming tourists”, willing to travel long distances in order to experience the emotions offered by a casino.

Since the emergence in the mid 90’s the popularity of virtual gambling halls has gained more and more ground against traditional casinos. Thanks to the enormous growth in the internet presence of the world population, new virtual casinos are even created on a monthly basis. Making a comparison between city casinos and online casinos, some points in favor of both emerge and the choice depends on the tastes and possibilities of the players.

  • Atmosphere or Comfort : Traditional casinos offer an atmosphere that online casinos cannot reproduce. Lights, sounds, luxury furnishings and services that go beyond just playing. On the other hand, city gambling halls are frequented by many people and those who do not like crowds or waiting to find a free table may prefer to place their bets in the comfort of home and in solitude.
  • No hours : by playing online, you can always access all games at any time of the day or night. It doesn’t even matter where you are, you just need an internet connection.
  • Travel and clothing : obviously to go to a traditional casino you need to plan travel and adverse weather conditions can ruin your plans at any time. Furthermore, if you are not a fan of elegant clothes, you may have problems accessing some areas of the gaming rooms, especially those that have very strict regulations regarding the clothing of the players.
  • The safety factor : statistically many women do not trust to go to an environment like that of a casino alone. It is no coincidence that nearly 50% of online casino players are female.
  • Concentration at the table : If you are a calm person and used to playing strategically, it is possible that the noise that pervades traditional gambling halls makes your bets much more complicated. From this point of view online casinos are far superior, as they allow you to create your perfect environment for placing bets while staying focused on the game.
  • Number of games, payments and free money : other points in favor of online casinos are the surprising number of games and variants offered, the numerous deposit and withdrawal methods that can be used for money movements and cash promotions reserved for players , the so-called bonuses, with which it is possible to play with an amount higher than the one paid.
  • Play for free : Do you want to play your favorite game without investing money, perhaps in a distracted way to pass some time? Well, this is only possible in online casinos, which provide a virtual environment in which you can play the games as if it were a video game, even if you have previously opened a real money gaming account. This is obviously not possible in “land” casinos.

Are you a player who loves the atmosphere of traditional casinos with all their features, the noise of the games, the company of other players and elegant clothes? If you are not, online casinos are for you.


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